Thursday, February 25, 2010

PETA Successfully Defends Its Title... the dumbest, most idiotic collection of moronic jackasses that has ever walked the earth.

PETA pokes fun at Tiger Woods Sex Scandal

Most known for their controversial advertising campaigns, PETA's ad will reportedly include [superimposed on a picture of Tiger Woods] the message, "Too much sex can be a bad thing … for little tigers too. Help keep cats (and dogs) out of trouble: Always spay and neuter!"

Though it may be difficult to find an advertiser willing to post the billboard, Virginia Fort, a campaigner for the animal rights organization, says the ad isn't intended to offend the golfer.

"It's a fun, tongue-in-cheek approach. We hope these billboard companies will understand," Fort said.

As a friend of mine said, perfectly, how does PETA ever hope to be taken seriously by repeatedly engaging in this sort of idiocy?

Let's get a quick updated score on PETA's public antics over the years. First, they compared animal rights to the Jewish Holocaust, and were rightly skewered in the public, threatened by the JADL, pulled the plug on the campaign and apologized. Then, within months, they turned around and compared animal rights to the African Holocaust (slavery, for the uninitiated). They were subsequently skewered, and eventually pulled the plug on the campaign and apologized. Why do I suddenly feel like a broken record?

Then last year, they chastised President Obama for...swatting a fly. Then they wanted to scan Michael Vick's brain to see if the size of his hippocampus would prove he is a sociopath. Then they started a campaign to rebrand all fish with the name "sea kittens".

And now? They believe that poking fun at Tiger's mattress-surfing is the best way to distract people from Tiger's mattress-surfing:
"The world has been transfixed on Tiger's life after Thanksgiving. We're putting the focus where it needs to be," Fort said. "We're sure Tiger will appreciate our attempt — from a story that's distracted the world and followed Tiger — to turn it into something positive for little tigers."
Let's think about this again. PETA says the billboard was an effort to take the focus off Woods' personal life. Seriously. Someone at PETA formulated that thought. Presumably, mulled it over for a second or two. Perhaps ran it by someone. Then, presumably again, handed it off to yet another person, who posted it on their website. Then people came upon the webpage, and no one offered a critique, or a retraction. That's, at the very least, a handful of people that thought this line of reasoning to be sensible, logical.

If PETA actually believes that their antics over the years is helping to win people over to their cause, they are the ones who should be submitting to brain scans. To test for any sign of intelligent life. I merely recalled their holocaust ridiculousness to a friend earlier who described herself as "on the fence" concerning them, and she ran screaming for the ASPCA. True story.

No matter what your cause, your motivation, there is no excuse for any adult to be this patently, repeatedly, stupid. Let alone an entire marketing department, an entire organization.

Congratulations, PETA, on yet another successful title defense.