Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Canó Comes Clutch

* Well, it only took a scant 3 days since my last posting on Robbie Canó's struggles with runners in scoring position for him to deliver one of the biggest clutch hits in recent weeks, a 2-out, 2-run single to break a scoreless tie verses the rival Los Angeles Anaheim Angels of Disneyland Park Incorporated, Ltd. (I mean, if you're gonna stretch your name to ridiculous lengths, why not go all the way). Soon after, his good buddy Melky Cabrera followed with an RBI single that would provide all the runs the Yanks would get this day, and, barely, all the Yanks would need to post a necessary win. Hopefully this big hit gets Robbie off the "shnide", and we're off to see bigger and better things. Don't ya know!

* For once, Yankees radio voice John Sterling beat a point repeatedly, ridiculously into the ground, and I couldn't blame him one bit. Naturally, all of Yankeeland held our breath while watching Ian Kennedy labour thru the 8th inning, his first work in the majors in over a year. To call the move risky or brave by Girardi is definitely an understatement. But, ya know what? It's hard to fault it, even if it hadn't had worked out. And yes, I'm aware that the win probably makes us look at the move with rose-coloured glasses on. But hey, part of managing is going with your gut, and making unpopular decisions. I certainly was rolling my eyes at the thought of Brian Bruney coming into the 8th inning; for all the trust Girardi seems to have in him, Bruney certainly hasn't reciprocated it. Whether it's mental or mechanical, he seems to be having mounds of trouble placing the ball where it's supposed to go, either pitching far out of the strike zone, or too good within it, with somewhat alarming regularity. If Bruney goes out there and gives an identical performance to Kennedy (2 walks and a hit batter, but no runs allowed), you almost certainly don't feel nearly as good about it. Quite a difference when the guy getting thru by the skin of his teeth has failed numerous times in the past, as opposed to a youngster coming back from surgery. In any case, I feel compelled to give credit where it's due, so kudos to Giradi for showing some serious, serious cajones with that decision.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to switch sports for a moment:

* Is it safe for 49er fans to come out of hiding? 2-0, two pretty convincing wins -- particularly defensively -- against division foes? Is Mike Singletary on the road to returning this once world-beating franchise to an air of respectability and beyond? Am I getting ahead of myself after only 2 victories?

We can be pretty certain of the answer to at least one of those questions. But it's nice to have something positive in 49er land to talk about. That Frank Gore guy is preeeetty good.

* Just copped 2 tickets to the October 30th Futurely-Brooklyn Nets game verses Vince Carter and his slightly-new-look Orlando Magic. Hey, I did say I would make it a point to be in the house for his return visit, and -- unlike roughly 95% of people I come across -- I am a man of my word. Looking forward to it, especially seeing as how: (1) I can't think of a single Jersey Net that has much chance of stopping Carter, save for my boy Courtney Lee, who nevertheless has a bit of a height disadvantage, and (2) it will be the first game of Rashard Lewis' suspension, so ostensibly, there will be more responsibility for Carter in the Magic offense for this game and thru the first 2 weeks of the season. In short, he may be scorching the nets that night. It should be quite a "home"-coming.

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