Friday, January 15, 2010

The Perfect Radio Call

Tonight, the Utah Jazz hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers on TNT, so I was relegated to catching the game on League Pass Audio, which I did for exactly the last 10 seconds of play. Luckily, I was treated to one of the best play calls I've ever heard.

I am always one to give credit where it's due, so tonight I have to give it up to the Utah Jazz's radio network KFAN:

"Price dribbles, out of control, gives it to Gaines, at the horn...he hit it!!! A threee!!! Sundiata Gaines!!! Welcome to the NBA!!!"

This came, believe it or not, after the announcer said, coming out of the timeout, that he had a feeling something great was about to happen. Props alone on your extra-sensory perception. But the play call was spot on, and the joy and emotion of the moment couldn't have been captured any better. He toed the line between excited and hysterical, but never crossed it. Kudos.

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