Thursday, May 16, 2013

Requiem For Westbrook Haters

Now that the #1 seeded Oklahoma City Thunder -- sans the injured Russell Westbrook -- have been unceremoniously bounced from the 2013 playoffs, much earlier and much easier than anyone would've predicted back in April, Skippy Clueless and his minions of Russell Westbrook haters can now collect their dunce caps and go fold up in a corner under the weight of their own stupidity.

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and the Lessons...

"Durant has been as good as ever in these playoffs, taking the ball in his hands more than ever. But the rest of the Thunder can't crack the Grizzlies' defense enough to get OKC wins. The next time you question the value of Westbrook taking so many shots, remember this series. Remember that Durant needs help (like every other NBA star in history), and remember that this team is not built to provide that absent Westbrook. Maybe that's a retroactive argument against trading James Harden , who can handle more than Martin. But this is the team OKC has now, and it needs Russ desperately."

Lessons of a Russ-less Thunder:

And there's something else the Thunder have been missing without their leader: his passion, his heart, his desire, his unquestionably indomitable will to win. His hunger and drive is something that can't replaced by anyone in the league. As is typical of their ilk, detractorshaters love to concentrate on the 10% bad and ignore the 90% good, as if there is or has ever been a perfect player in NBA history.

The Thunder need Russell Westbrook to be a top-flight NBA team. Always have. And that has never been on greater display than over the past month.

Get used to it. I can only hope that your blind hatred dies a silent death in that corner along with your ignorance of every basic and advanced measure of Westbrook's positive contributions and importance to OKC's young greatness.

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