Wednesday, June 25, 2008


First things first, why did I decide to create a sports blog? Well, to put it bluntly, about 75% of sports writers are idiots -- in my most humble opinionated estimation of course. Too prone to emotional misgivings, too in need of page hits, validation and gratification. You read some sports stories and you can just see the nerd hovering over his keyboard with fidgety fingers dreaming up new ideas specifically trying to create controversy.

I promise you won't get that here; if I type something, it's actually going to be my viewpoint, 75% of which you as an Earthling will undoubtedly disagree with. But this is simply my outlet, my way of preventing myself from frothing at the mouth and mumbling "idiot" at the stories I read and opinions I hear. I already have an outlet (music) for every other subject in the world, but I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear songs about how great LeBron James plays.

Another thing you won't get here is the typical shemotional attitudes towards athletes. I think most of you have lost your minds "hating" Kobe because he's somehow got a big ego in your estimation, as if there is any player in the NBA that doesn't have an overdeveloped ego -- how could anyone get to that level without believing they are the shit? Besides, you want ego? Watch boxing and track & field. There isn't an ego in all of team sports that can keep up with that of individuals who depend only on themselves. But I couldn't care less; I've never even met Kobe, Shaq, Terrell Owens, A-Rod or most any other of these humans to know what they are truly like; nor do I fool myself to believe otherwise.

Finally, why Mars? Just a way to highlight what I believe will be a somewhat unique view on the sports world. Also,  I'm an Aries, and the Aries sign is ruled by Mars. Not that you cared, but just in case you may have wondered.

OK, enough babbling, thanks for reading, though I know no one actually is.

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