Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jeter Overrated?; Shaq Over-Exposed

There's been a lot going on in sports that have been on my mind -- which is what finally spurred me to create a blog. So, just to get caught up, I'll just throw out some random thoughts....

  • Read an article on ESPN -- or was it Yahoo? -- listing the Most Overpaid MLB Players. One of the leading names was Derek Jeter. And the reason? Because he's (supposedly) having a down year offensively. Now, if you read my Intro blog post, you'll remember me calling 75% of sports writers idiots. Well, here's one prime example.

    Yes, if you simply went trolling about the internet looking at stats, you might see Jeter's .278 average and think he's fallen way off offensively. That of course would make you an idiot. Look at Jeter's game log; you'll notice that on May 20th he was batting .312, then you'll see his batting average plummet over the next 2 weeks. What's so significant about May 20th? He got hit by a pitch on his hand. The question is, why do I know this and a paid sports writer doesn't?? But I guess the health of your hands and batting have nothing to do with each other.

  • Memo to Shaq: didn't you divorce your wife because she was hiding money from you?

  • Memo to Shaq: fun is fun, battling is battling, but the implication that you thinking about a next man tasting your ass is pretty gay. Please do keep the salad-tossing fantasies to yourself. You could've just said "...from first to last place, Kobe tell me how that ass taste" and had the same effect, no?

  • Memo to Shaq: Vasectomy? T...M...I.

  • I'm sometimes embarrassed to be the same age as Shaq. Same goes for Beenie Man and Bounty Killa when they start warring but....that's another subject for another blog I'll never bother to write. My brothers, my breddrin, stop acting like you're 12 years old. There's a difference between locker room/back alley chatter and warring on stage in front of dozens of people with ears and cellphone cameras.
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