Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hornets fall back to Earth; Celts Down, Magic Up; Drunk Chuck

  • Re: The Hornets: so it is written, so it is done -- or however that saying goes. Flatten, run over, beat down by the Jazz, a night after we were hearing all about their new-found candidacy for the Western Conference crown. Then they followed that up days later by losing to...the Knicks. New Orleans, as they come and go with the esteemable Chris Paul, are certainly a top-10 team; but just as surely, they are not a top contender. Question: has there been a Peja Stojakovic sighting lately? He kinda reminds me of a poor man's Hedo Turkoglu, minus all the game-breaking ability, clutch shooting, ball-handling, decision-making or rebounding skills.

  • The Celtics: ok, I watched -- at least the 2nd half -- of the hame game against Toronto, and I think I'm ready to render an opinion on their swoon. Ok, more like a guess, but anyways: where's their offense coming from? You've got the big 3, Rondo on an occasional night, and...who? I've been hearing the Marbury rumours, and naturally all of the Starbury detractors are falling all over themselves to say how he will destroy the team, but they need some help off the bench, and fast. These cats are going to burn out with the way the bench is being outscored night in night out. When your bench is outscored by the likes of Roko Ukic, you've got issues. Even in blowouts the subs barely score like the opposition.

  • I'd be remisce if I didn't at least mention Charles Barkley. I guess he's still struggling with whether he's a role model for the younger players....see DWI re: Antoine Walker and then Jason Richardson. Seriously though, DWI is no laughing matter, and that's not just a sappy public service announcement. Couple years ago, I did a month of grand jury duty and lost count of the dizzying numbers of repeat, felony, DWIs we passed indictments for. I've seen people die and friends go to jail over drinking and driving. The culture of drinking in this world needs to completely change; all these harsher penalties and what not isn't going to change a damn thing. Partying and drinking is like tea and water to too many people.

    Anyways, nice going Chuck. That sure is gubernatorial-level behaviour you got going on there.

  • The home-and-home series against the Orlando Magic was supposed to be the Hawks' opportunity to formally announce their contention for the Southeast Division's crown. Instead, it became one 96-minute-long definitive statement by the Magic that the division belongs to them and them alone.

    For the second straight game, Orlando jumped all over the Hawks early, but this time there would be no comeback, no answers for the Hawks. The wide final margin of 34 points doesn't even relay how one-sided that game was. 43-18 early, 71-33 at the half, and up to 101-51 at one point. If the NBA had a mercy rule, they'd have never played the 2nd half. And what's become of Joe Johnson? Followed up that 13 point clunker vs. the Nets with games of 14, 13, 11, and 11? Shooting a solid 34% for 2009, after shooting over 45% for the first 2 months of the season. I don't think I can blame New Year's Eve hangover anymore.
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