Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Celtics Swoon; Hornet High; Stuck On Stuckey

  • The Celtics are certainly an enigma. While you can understand the Cavs taking a step back with Big Z on the shelf.....or the Lakers losing momentum last night having to replace Odom's minutes with long games from Kobe/Gasol/Fisher (an abnormal 42 minutes each) and a Josh Powell sighting (!!), what exactly is the Celtics' story? Their "team injury" page is completely blank. Strange, strange indeed. I hear they're coming apart late in games, with a bit of in-fighting, etc. I'm sure they'll get it together eventually, but I'm gonna have to catch (endure) a game or two of them to see what the deal is.

  • I see that the aftermath of the Hornets victory has the pundits all proclaiming that the Hornets proved (to others and themselves) that they can compete with the Lakers.....meanwhile I hear none of them bothering to mention that the Hornets grabbed control early in the 4th quarter vs. a Lakers 2nd unit that was missing 3 regulars (Lamar Odom, Luke Walton, and Jordan Farmer)same way no one seemed to notice that Peja was missing from their previous meeting. Great 4th quarter by the Hornets, especially David West, but ummm let's not get too carried away on that one 6-minute stretch.

  • I read a story couple days back about how the Pistons have been playing better ball ever since inserting Rodney Stuckey into the starting lineup. My question is: it took Coach Curry a whole month after Billups left to realize Stuckey should be next in line? Sad, sad, sad.
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