Monday, February 2, 2009

De-Ja-Oh-No Not Again!

Lakers' Bynum to miss 8-12 weeks with MCL tear

Wow. The similarities are eerily endless. I'm sure you've heard them already. Colliding with a teammate in a loose-ball situation. Playing against Memphis on January 13th; playing in Memphis on January 31st. A knee injury halting 6 straight high-quality performances (3 double-doubles, 3 games with 9 boards); a knee injury after 5 scintillating, All-Star-caliber double-doubles. I suppose the only thing different about the two injuries is that G.W. Bush is no longer in office.

Really and truly, my heart sunk for this kid when I originally heard of and saw the play that injured him. Then it sunk again when I heard the MRI results today. Bynum, if you couldn't tell by now, is one of my favourite young ballers. During his rookie year I declared on one sports forum that the kid will one day be a beast; my opinion was summarily dissed, laughed at, and beat upon. I got counter-declarations of future beasts for everyone from Gred Oden to Hakeem Warrick to -- gasp -- Eddy Curry. Two years later, those very same guys were themselves posting about how good Bynum had become, with one in particular never failing to copyright me anytime he used 'Bynum' and 'beast' in the same sentence. In short, I'm a big fan.

I'm going to have to placate myself by watching even more Orlando Magic games -- wait, that's not really possible at this stage. Maybe I'll check on guys like Rose, Roy, Durant, and Beasley a bit more. Ahh. It's sad that I find this depressing and I'm not even a Laker fan. I can't imagine how frustrated he must feel right now. I know I'd be banging a few walls around the house. Rest up, work hard, and get well soon Drew.

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