Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weeping & Wailing and The Nashing of Teams

A lot of news floating around the NBA today; let's start with the most enjoyable:

  • Dreams really do come true. David Stern again selects Ray Allen as the injury replacement for the East All-Stars. That giant howling sound you just heard coming from Ohio wasn't an arctic wind, it was the groan of 2 million Cavalier fans over the déjà-snüb of their beloved Mo Williams. I won't lie: I was praying, literally praying, that this would happen. Why? Because delusion is fun, and tortured fans are priceless humour. So let the tears flow and the belly-achers blow.

    I'm basking in the comments over on ESPN; here's my favourite:
    St.Rufus IV
    And if you think Lebron is the only guy on the Cavs...I will give you Exibit A, which is the most recent West coast trip...Mo averaged over 30 for those 7 games.

    Hmmm. Seven-game roadtrip? Does that include some NBA Cares games against local girl-scout troupes? And 30? What, points? Perhaps he meant minutes? For the record, the Cavs haven't had a roadtrip longer than 4 games all season, and Mo hasn't even sniffed 30 ppg over any 7-game stretch all year. In fact, he's only topped 30 points twice this season; it's kinda hard to average a total you don't even reach. On their recent four-game West trip, he did manage to average a nice, respectable 22.

    But you know by now, Cleveland gots dat new math goings on over there. I knew I smelled delusion when I saw that comment, I had to go look it up. Nice lie nice try Rufus.

    Hey Cavs, don't blame Stern, blame LeBron for taking all those shots away from Mo the other night versus the Knicks. 9 points on 3-12 shooting with 2 assists in the world's greatest arena is an All-Star? Folks, no one wants to risk seeing that kind of performance in Phoenix. Certainly not grand-chancellor Dave.

  • Phoenix has begun accepting trade offers for Amare Stoudemire and any other player not born in Canada. Which begs the question: since when did 35-year old matadors become untouchable cogs for building a team based on defense? Granted, I don't think they should part with Nash either. I just like pointing out how hapless the Steve Kerr reign in Arizona has been.

  • Elton Brand's shoulder will likely need surgery, which ends his 2008-09 campaign. That's tuff on the brother, but on the bright side, we can now ink the 76ers for a playoff spot and Andre Iguodala for a few more player-of-the-week votes.

  • The Magics and Bucks swapped backup guards, sending Tyronn Lue to play alongside Superman-II. As long as Mikael Pietrus stays healthy, they won't miss Keith Bogans too much. And as long as Lue can keep shooting 46% from behind the arc, this is a real good look for the Magics. Is there another (available) player around the league who is any more like Jameer Nelson than Lue? Talk about sticking with your formula. If it ain't broke...

    The Bucks of course needed to fill minutes lost due to the injured Michael Redd, and Keith Bogans can...blah blah blah blah blaaah. My apologies Buck fans, I don't mean to be rude; maybe I should be more interested in who earns the right to get beat up by the Celtics/Magic/Cavawailers in the first round, but right now my ADD is kicking in.
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